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Why Precast? 

Doing the Right Thing:

Oldcastle Precast is determined to prove our merit by demonstrating our capabilities from project inception to completion. We are professionals at planning and in implementation, and our plants are certified by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), as applicable, assuring that products will be manufactured to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Customer Service:

Oldcastle Precast takes pride in offering our customers a comprehensive package, and we have the expertise and commitment to do so. Out dedicated sales, engineering, project management, and project services teams stand poised and ready to assist with project needs.

Winning Teamwork:

Oldcastle Precast promotes a collaborative approach with all project partners. We are a resource for Architects and Engineers, Owners, and Contractors alike, as we strive to provide creative options to save both time and money.


Precast concrete is manufactured year-round in an outdoor PCI certified facility under consistent, controlled conditions. The System Components meet or exceed ASTM and ACI standards, are ready for shipment to jobsites and installation within days after fabrication.

Low Maintenance and Cost Effective:

Precast Concrete is inherently durable and Pest, Weather, Fire, and Corrosion resistant, making precast concrete an ideal material choice not only at the time of construction but well into the lifecycle of the project. They require little or no maintenance to preserve their original look.

Environmentally Responsible:

Precast Concrete supports an environmentally responsible structure. It is the "nature" of Precast Concrete to contribute to products that are reactive to the Green Movement. Components require nominal energy consumption for production. The overall ability of Oldcastle Precast to utilize recycled content, and improve indoor air quality all contribute to projects seeking LEED® certification, while other precast components contribute to filtering and separating contaminants in water systems, are just a couple of the many examples how Oldcastle Precast is environmentally responsible.

Concrete is produced locally from abundant natural resources. Concrete can be made with reclaimed industrial materials that would otherwise burden landfills. Recycled materials in concrete reduce CO2 emissions. At the end of a concrete building or bridge's usable life, concrete can be recycled. Concrete’s thermal mass reduces temperature swings in buildings and conserves energy. Use of Insulated Concrete Panels for above-grade wall systems provides for increased R values, reducing heating, cooling and infrastructure costs. Concrete’s light color reduces the heat island effect, lowering urban energy use. Concrete’s light color reflects more light at night, reducing lighting infrastructure and energy costs. Concrete roofs support green landscaping, reducing water runoff and reducing heat island effect. Concrete structures are durable.

Who Benefits from Precast?


Precast Concrete make for a durable, low-maintenance structure that yields an excellent return on investment with reduced financing costs and insurance premiums.


Precast Concrete offer superior design versatility, combing the functional qualities of concrete with a myriad of aesthetic possibilities.


Precast Concrete is supported by a team of professionals that provide innovative solutions, shop drawings and calculations sealed by a registered Engineer.

Construction Managers and Contractors:

Precast Concrete is proven to comply with a fast-track schedule, to reduce weather related delays, and to smooth coordination issues with other trades.


Precast Concrete is among the most reliable, comfortable, safe, and quiet structural systems available.